Karla is an artist and designer from the Pacific Northwestern U.S. She holds a BDes in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University of Art & Design (2013), and a BA in psychology from Western Washington University (2001). She has always been a maker, jumping from one medium to the next, and playing with the interactions that happen between materials and ways of making. Her love of problem solving is what led her down the path toward industrial design, but her preference is to work in that space between art and design, employing both wild imaging and tame practicality. Karla views her passion for creating as just one aspect of living an artful life. It is also this approach to life that infuses her work with soul and character. 


Is a small design/build project based in the northwest (Vancouver, BC presently). It emerges out of a love of form development and material investigation with special interest in the conversations that can happen between various materials. Wood, bare porcelain, silicone and concrete are some favorites. The ultimate goal at DEERHEART is that the objects made will be kept for years and years, being both physically sturdy and emotionally “sticky”… objects worth falling in love with.

DEERHEART is the work of Karla Tull-Esterbrook. She holds a Bdes in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC, and has always been a maker. Her approach to design reflects the pursuit of an artful life, and she strives to infuse her work with both poetic and playful themes.