Carling Jackson is a self taught urban artist from White Rock, BC. She received a full soccer scholarship to the University of Louisiana in 2005 where she studied fashion design and world history. Her initial intention was to do an arts degree but, regrettably, soccer interfered with studio time.  While in the southern United States Carling became the committee head of programs and publicity for the University of Louisiana Chapter of the NAACP (the largest human rights organization in the world, excluding the UN). She did a year of intense non-profit and community enrichment work including: multiple talks women’s empowerment and self worth, was the keynote speaker at a schools first ever allowed black history month event, voters rights campaigns for the Obama election, humanitarian work throughout Louisiana, and much more. She transferred in 2009 to a Historically Black College – Southern University. There, she was immersed in a culture entirely foreign to her previous experiences in a school full of rich history and tradition.

Living in the southern US hugely influenced her art.  She began painting in her spare time taking on a more urban approach. Upon returning to Vancouver in 2011 she began teaching art at Traditional Learning Academy and started to sell her work. Her goal is to use art to effect change on a global scale, for all of Humanity. “My goal is to make you feel what words cannot describe by bringing to life emotion, passion, love, pain, and beauty through art. My art is also used as an instrument for change giving those a voice who can only whisper… It is intended to invoke a deep feeling bent on change – whether it be…changing oneself, changing the world, or helping people in general. It is art for the sake and betterment of HUMANITY.”