Sometimes I can’t sleep at night from the excitement of a great evening photo shoot. I know I’m done my work when my feet are thoroughly soaked, my new coat is covered in sand, and I can’t feel my fingers. The surreal imagery I create through my long exposure photography is a way for me to capture, not a moment in time, but the passage of time.

Using techniques from before the digital age, I push photographic boundaries beyond what our eyes can see. We can’t see the stars in motion, but I can show that. With shutter speeds ranging from five minutes to hours, I capture the movement of the elements. I glance out the window a hundred times a day to check what the clouds are doing. Is it going to be a sunset night? Is the Milky Way going to make an appearance?

My current work mainly features scenes for the west coast of Vancouver, Canada. I never knew how blessed I was to live so close to the ocean until I found myself driving to the beach every evening with my tripod, camera, and filters in tow. As I continue to experiment with my landscape work, I challenge myself to see new sides of the Vancouver Coast, and I plan to travel to photograph all of nature’s phenomena.