Behnaz, a freelance artist from Iran, has just recently moved to Vancouver. She has a bachelor degree of Graphic design (Illustration) and an advance diploma of Animation from Tehran Azad University. She has worked as short term contractor in Tehran/Iran with individuals who work in the same fields.

She’s passionate about all kinds of art, but her top passions are painting, illustrating and photography. When Behnaz creates a painting, she expresses her emotions and thoughts to it and says: “My paintings are tied up to my soul.” She’s really inspired by this quote from Pablo Picasso “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” and she evacuates her feelings on a small sketchbook which is always with her just like a diary. It is also very noticeable in her acrylic abstract paintings which were made for her thesis. 

Every each of those, hold up a great story behind. She emphasizes the subject by the use of colors and different materials.