Passive/Aggression is an exploration of the space we exist in. The distance and dimensions around us are reconsidered using multisensory illusions and conflict.  With the constant interplay between moving in an environment and manipulating it, the approach; passive yet aggressive, is both motivation for and the repercussions of the space we create.

Gemma Crowe

Choreographer/ Dancer:

Gemma Crowe was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, where she began training and performing a myriad of dance styles including; Contemporary, Contact Improvisation, Jazz, Ballet, Irish, West African, and Caribbean. Attending high school within the Performing and Visual Arts program for Dance developed a creative and expressive platform upon which Crowe began to build her artistic career. Enamored with the study of all facets of dance, Crowe completed her Bachelor of Art’s degree Majoring in Dance. Spending a year with the SURGE co. and undertaking several choreographic projects solidified the foundation for her interest in pursuing the physical and visual aspects of movement. Crowe left Calgary to pursue work in the Film Industry, completing the Digital Film Production Program at Lanagara College and an internship in New York City with The think/feel Reel. The value of Dance as art remains of paramount importance to Crowe as she emerges in Vancouver’s Dance community actively choreographing and performing and acting as co-director of Strange Change, a dance collective devoted to integrating collaborative artists of varying mediums. Crowe pursues the study of movement as a practice, as an art form and through the medium of film, it is a passion which fuels her engagement with the world around her. 

Celina Villarroel Whiting


Celina cites dance not only as a hobby but as an integral component of her identity. She started with modern dance at the age of eight and gradually immersed herself in a variety of styles including salsa, west coast swing and ballroom. When she is not training or performing, she is studying at Simon Fraser University working towards a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Not only does she hope to achieve her personal dreams of working as a dancer in Vancouver, but she also would like to contribute back to the dance community by helping dancers and other performing artists with injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Cayley Hanrahan


Born and raised in Calgary, Cayley Hanrahan graduated with a BA in Contemporary Dance from the University of Calgary. Hanrahan participated in the University's Travel Abroad Study program in Cuba, where she discovered that dance is something that connects us to a broader sense of identity, community and culture. The breadth of her training has provided her with opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of movers such as; local marching bands, visual artists, athletes, and trained dancers. Hanrahan’s choreography has been featured in the 2011 and 2012 Alberta Dance Festival, as well as Decidedly Jazz Dance's Professional Training Program's show Footprints. Hanrahan has worked creatively with 49th Parallel Dance Company, has performed with Army of Sass and is a co-director of Strange Change Dance Collective.