was born in the Ukraine in 1989. Ever since early childhood, she's been very interested in art. Fortunate to have the support and encouragement of her parents, Olga has made art her passion and the center of her life. There has never been a question in her mind that art was going to be the foremost part of her endeavours  but the dream of becoming an artist was made a real possibility when Olga and her family came to Canada in 2003. Throughout the first years of being in Canada Olga learned to overcome many obstacles and adapt to a new life, new language and culture, finding new opportunities to learn and ways to showcase her artistic abilities everywhere she went.

Olga completed the Bachelor program at the University of British Columbia with a major in Visual Arts and a minor in Art History. Throughout university years she has combined her extensive studies with travel and her work reflects the art of many different cultures from her trips to Europe, South America and the Ukraine.

Having explored a wide variety of media including clay sculpting, mixed media, oil painting, drawing, water-colour  and mural work, she has found her main areas of interest in painting and photography. Equally passionate about both, Olga uses one medium to strengthen her skill in the other and her inspiration is drawn from her world travels, the character of the countries she’s been to and Canada’s West Coast. She is consequently able to capture the unique beauty of every place and of every fleeting moment of life.

A champion of the Golden Brush Art competition and a champion in British Columbia’s Art Battle, Olga is no stranger to artistic challenges, rising up to find new and ever higher levels of expression.