Nick Peat

Nick Peat is a Vancouver based painter, specializing primarily in oil. Peat was born in Toronto, Ontario, and raised there, briefly, before he and his family moved onto a farm in Rosseau, Ontario, where he spent most of his youth. Peat was educated at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, where he earned a general BA before taking to the call of the sea and working as a commercial deckhand for 2 years on the great lakes freighters and tugboats of the Pacific Northwest. 

However, it has always been apparent to Peat that his true passions lay in depicting the world around him with oil on canvas -- a process that Peat describes as "the mother of all mediums". Any artistic training -- Peat is largely self-taught -- was derived from his parents, or mixing shoulders with their associates: Peat's father was a sculptor and his mother a television producer. "I'm indebted to the influence of my parents for whatever I've learned as far as artistic training and developing my outlook".

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