Nancy Amenti, designer of Nocturnus Couture, has always had a particular love for glamour, theatre, cabaret and extravagant parties. As a child, she went on a trip to New York City where she was exposed to Alternative fashion. She often gets inspiration from many of the beautiful people she meets, animation, film and street style. Feeling unsatisfied with the standards of conventional beauty, she would express her ideas about beauty through creating garments out of new and recycled materials. Eventually realizing that her real passion was design, sewing and socializing, Nancy enrolled and graduated from the Fashion Merchandising program at John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver, B.C. 

After graduation Nancy met Miriam Melanson, fashion designer at Flaming Angels Boutique. While working at the boutique she developed her brands concept and began building the platform she would use to share her message about beauty with the word,

“Your life is yours to live. Be true to yourself regardless of what other people think of your concept of beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than to be comfortable in your own skin and proud enough to share that with the rest of the world. “

 Out of this experience and need to share this message, Nocturnus Couture was born. Nancy is passionate about inspiring solutions for some of the fashion industries biggest challenges; textiles waste, labour relations and body image. She continues to encourage people to re-evaluate conventional ideas about beauty, consumerism and culture through her art, design and community involvement.