I feel like I have too many passions and just not enough time. My main interests are illustrating, painting, photography, sketching and digital art. And if it wasn’t for that pesky full-time job of mine, I could be doing a lot more of it.

I grew up all over BC, but spent the majority of my time in Edmonton, where I made the decision to dive head first in to the ever so promising life of a struggling artist. But between bursts of ambition and crippling self-doubt, I enjoy every minute spent on making art, (whatever my definition for that word is at the time) – even if the finished product isn’t exactly what I intended on when I started.

Though whichever approach I choose to recreate the ideas, I’m never disappointed in myself or the results. Which I guess can only mean 1 of 2 things: either my standards are very low... or I just love the process so much that every result feels like an accomplishment.