Karisa Evdokimoff is a Vancouver based multidisciplinary visual artist who primarily works within the mediums of ceramics, painting and silkscreen.  She began her post-secondary education at Langara College and is currently finishing up her degree at Emily Carr University.  

Having spent much of her youth within British Columbia’s beautiful surroundings, she developed an instant connection to our natural world and the tranquility and clarity it brings her; embracing feelings and perspective that are unattainable when living in a fast-paced, industrial progressing city.  

Appreciation for nature and its beauty act as inspiration within much of her work.  All these mediums influence one another and have allowed her to discover new processes that expand her ideas, moving out of her comfort zone within new directions.  

She hopes that one day her art can speak for a greater purpose as she continues to express and work with the many things in life that inspire her to create.  For any questions, inquiries or further information and examples of Karisa’s work please visit