Alanna Ho is a composer and visual artist in Victoria and Vancouver. Interested in various mediums, she uses an interdisciplinary approach to create audiovisual experiences. She experiments with collected sounds and discarded materials in her works.  Ho derives her interest of spontaneity and time-based works, from her frequent practice of painting large scale abstract works in an improvisational state. She is interested in the dialogue between the materials' natural tendencies, and its changes of character when married with another material.

In her current paintings, she is experimenting with defining a painting while using as little paint as possible.  Her current techniques include forcefully pounding objects into a canvas, so it exists within the painting rather than serving as an illusion on the surface.  Ho's current paintings are composed of canvas, stones and binding agents; the paintbrush is replaced with hammers and steel spatulas.  The deconstruction of materials is a crucial part of the process in creating a new work.