By Jennifer Aoki, Ashley Whitehead, Jen Dunford. Music by Ben Brown.

A story changes with each re-telling. It evolves each time it is told. It gets a life of its own.

The Conspiracy of Jen is a journey of three dancers whom interplay between each others re-telling of a story.

Video of Past Work:

Jennifer Aoki is an emerging Canadian freelance contemporary dancer and choreographer. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University and is Co-Artistic Director of Triadic Dance Works.

Aoki has performed for Barbara Lindenberg MFA project and Carlos Sandoval's site-specific Parasite Intervention Project in Berlin. She has had privilege to attend workshops and scholarship opportunities with Vancouver artists Barbara Bourget, Peter Bingham, Jennifer Mascall and Eury Chang. Jennifer's own work has been presented in Nah Dran XXXVII in Berlin, DE, Launch Pad Mission: 11, Mascall Dances's "Bloom" projects,  and Art For Impact. She is currently collaborating with musicians to explores ideas and themes to make art and blur the boundary between music and dance.

Ben Brown

Juno award winning Drummer, Ben Brown, has worked with Contemporary and Ballet Dancers such as Justine Chambers, Heidi Bunting, Lee Su-Feh, Kenny Pearl, Edmond Kilpatrick, Megan Walker Straight. He is the founder of a new weekly collaborative series between live musicians and dancers entitled Music and Movement Mondays.

Ashley Whitehead comes from a background of extensive training in gymnastics, jazz and hip hop.  She has spent three years studying contemporary dance with Modus Operandi under the direction of Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond, and is currently performing through collaborative works, improvisation based performances, and in her own work. 

Ashley is making choreographic debuts, and has presented work in Art for Impact, BC Buds, and Mascall Dance’s choreographic development workshop, Bloom.

Jen Dunford is an emerging artist in the Vancouver community, specializing in dance and theatre. She hails from Alberta where she began her career in dance and visual art and is presently pursuing her BFA at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. Her interest in improvisation and devising has led to collaboration with a wide array of artists including Fay Nass, Ben Brown and Forest Crone Productions. In addition to Casandbar, her first Fringe performance, recent performances include Shapes in Sound, Barbara Adler’s Extravagant Signals Exhibition, and Siroco: Southern Wind.

Jen apprenticed with the Body Narratives Collective to develop their latest project Dark Room (2013) and has created works for the Vancouver Biennale (2012) and the Out of Bounds Festival (2011).