We have the great pleasure of having Nicholas Lam volunteer to film this year's event, Lab Art Show 2.  His goal is to raise awareness for the talented artists participating in this year's show.  So don't be afraid to show your support in front of the camera starting Thursday April 11th.  In the meantime here is a bit of info for this aspiring Story Teller/Filmmaker:"

Nicholas Lam is a hobbyist filmmaker who believes in the motto: No stories untold. He believes that everything and everyone has a story and that a good story should merit the attention of story tellers regardless of budget, big or small  (even no budget). 

Inspired by other hobbyists while surfing Youtube and other social media websites, Nicholas couldn't resist the temptation to discover the inner filmmaker in himself during the spring of 2011. Thus he started a journey of discovery which continues till this day.

Initially wowed by the "cool" visuals of short films found on Youtube, Vimeo and other social media websites, Nicholas soon discovered what made films truly engaging: The story, or more specifically, HOW IT IS TOLD. Thus his perception of "film making" evolved from a Visuals-First Approach to a Story First Approach.

However, rather than create a story from scratch, Nicholas is inspired by the idea of taking an existing story (real or not, obvious or not) and designing/implementing an approach to tell it.

Therefore everything has a story; Fiction or non-fiction, scripted or live, a story exists in it some how. The exciting aspect for Nicholas is in discovering the story and then designing an affective and creative way to tell it.