Alice in Wasteland’s The Twins. These twins, of course, are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. 

Our production team consists of Janelle Day from Canada, Sarah Boriskin from the US and a Mexican trio powered by Gloria Bernal, Elsie Hutchinson and myself, Enrique Vázquez. We have Chad Costen on board as our director and we are very happy to work with him. He has experience telling stories with supernatural and bizarre topics so this short will suit him perfectly.


Nuno is from Portugal and is a graduate of Writing for Film & Television here at VFS. He has worked on Compendium in the past (The Last Song in Oz) and this is extremely beneficial to us because he understands the intense budget and time constraints that accompany this project. Overall, he is an incredible writer and a compelling storyteller. We should also note that he wrote the screenplay for Entertainment Business Management alumna Sandra Rojas Gonzalez‘s final project, Growing Up Julianne. This short film was recently named “Best Fantasy” at The International Student Film Festival Hollywood! Congrats!


Alice appears in an apocalyptic forest looking for her way to get back home. On her adventure she meets these giant conjoint twins and ask them how to find her way. But the interesting thing in these two characters is the one want to play with Alice, the other one is mean and wants to convince her brother to eat her.

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