PRETTY BASTARD by Tamara Montes Claros

Raised and born in a multi-cutural, unique environment, Tamara grew up in the beautiful city of La Paz, Bolivia. Since she was a little kid always wonder about shapes colours, nature and forwm. She started hand swing at young age.

She dreamt about studying fashion but didn't have financial support so the first step was to obtain a Engineering Degree, that to San Francisco, CA, where she got involved in the Fashion Industry, she was intern for G.rdano, a local Fashion House, event that she was not a Fashion house, even that she was not a Fashion student at the time.

Finally in 2010, after working for almost a decade to save the money for Fashion School, got enrolled at VCC in Vancouver, Canada, and successfully graduating in 2012.

Her Collecion is a reflection of her love to bicycles, travelling, adventure and glamour, but on her own terms and perspective, where duality is the main concept, where opposites attract, mixing silk, leather, wool and meta in an unique way.