Bio: An incorrigible doodler from birth, Sarah Jolley has studied animation for the past four years at both Vancouver Film School and Newport University of Wales, with the solid backing of a Foundation year at Manchester Metropolitan University behind them. Whilst making things move has evolved into her true passion, she also practices her storytelling in writing comics, literature and scripts. Sequential imagery and character design often accidentally lead to writing entire novels at two in the morning, but having been raised in Cheshire on a strict diet of classical reading and comedy, it's hardly surprising that she aims to complete at least six impossible things before breakfast.

The vision for this film was one such accident- a character design assignment which ended up as a script for an entire feature length film. The resulting short was both a condensation and an exploration of the idea of the larger picture, but stands alone as its own narrative.

Synopsis: Silent comedy is immortal, except when the film begins to burn through, but abandoning his film causes this silent star to encounter movies and a leading lad