Stephanie is an artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She trained at Emily Carr and other private institutions, and has worked in many various forms of media, including photography, drawing, and representational painting. Currently, she is working in abstract acrylic painting and is exploring digital photography in greater detail.

Growing up in Munich, Germany, she was always moved by the beauty of the Bavarian landscape and nature in general. Her curiosity for new things has constantly pushed her boundaries and caused her to explore the unknown – this trait has always been an integral part of her personality. Her interest in painting, drawing and crafts had developed when she was a child and has only grown throughout the years.

When she moved to Vancouver in 2009, she started taking painting classes at Emily Carr to develop her technical skills further.

Stephanie primarily works with acrylic paints and uses mainly abstract perspectives and saturated colours in order to portray scenes and objects. When she begins a new project she always approaches it with a concept and an image in mind. This image then becomes a work of art, which represents her vision.

She believes that artistic diversity leads to the expansion of art; this notion drives her passion towards digital photography amongst many other artistic techniques. Stephanie says that, “the camera is a great tool for training the eye for composition, similar to mixing colours and paints to achieve the perfect hue.”