Painter, Video animator.

Born in Roubaix, Northern France.

Lives in Vancouver, BC.

I paint to question life and to share how I feel first as a human being, as a man and finally as a sensitive being.

Through my paintings I try to distance my self from social roles and rules, socially imposed behavior. The essence of beauty is my inspiration. The simplicity of life : a voluptuous swagger, the spark of emotion on a face, the colors in a text, an exquisit perfume, a bewitching aroma. Its imperfections : a crooked stroke, an abnormality, a slight defect, these are all charactaristics of true beauty, the kind that exists within each of us.

This complex charme, born from my own interpretation of our reality, is what drives my creation.

Time stops…

I express my anger, ups and downs, my obsessions but also my love and lust for life.

When asked to classify my style, I like to describe it as expressionist. By translating emotions into images, I project a subjectivity which transforms reality to inspire in the viewer a raw emotion, the essence of life.