Born and raised in Mexico City, I always skipped school classes, spent most of that time reading, and some of that time experimenting with “incorrect” or illegal affairs, as many normal male teenagers (a sort of temporary brain damage that cures itself with time). Anyway, I was always writing, and taking pictures.

My parents were successful in show business so, I decided suddenly to become a Dentist. Went to college, dental and oral surgery schools, then started a practice in a southern city right at the border with the Mexico. I lived in McAllen, Texas and worked in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Spent 10 years coming and going across the border until Bush Senior decided to create the Gulf War... Yikes! Time to leave. Still, I never stopped shooting pictures, became an avid golfer (very amateur), and married really well; the one thing in my life that has lasted forever (not necessarily in that order). Pen, paper and my camera always besides me.

One fine day, I sold my 10-year-old dental practice, and headed for the Sierra Madre mountains in Northern Mexico. I sold a couple of screenplays, published a novella, a collection of short stories, and one year worth of weekly columns for the El Norte newspaper in Monterrey, Mexico... and shot at least a million slides...

Around the early 90’s I discovered the Internet and computers, I fell in love with it all and decided to ride into the digital era. I’ve trained myself at work for many years and became a digital imaging fanatic.

I moved with my tribe to Port Moody, BC (the best place on earth) 6 years ago and counting. I'm the incredibly lucky father of female twins, and a professional husband: all my heart. Digital photography and imaging is presently my only mistress…