Lydia Nathe is  a unique and amazingly gifted artist who harbors an affinity for art of all mediums including charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic as well as the airbrush.

Lydia has exhibited her talents to the wide variety of canvases from paper to fabric, floors to walls, to the beautiful human form in which she has showcased her beautiful skill of airbrushing on skin. Lydia is known for creating exceptional experiences of beauty and wonder through her brushes, for both on subject and for her audience.

While Lydia loves all forms of artistic endeavors, her personal love and endearing passion is for painting portraits and horses.


Watercolor -Langara College, Vancouver British Columbia.

Foundation of Art & Design, BCIT, Burnaby British Columbia.

Recent Works Sold:

Kate Moss 2012 - watercolor 

Private Commission - Amethyst Equine 2012 - watercolor

Interior Wall Murals 2012- various commissions

Lydia has a true passion for health and beauty and continually pursues study of her ever increasing repertoire of extraordinary talent and skills.