VLAFF is a registered  non-profit charitable organization with the mission to provide a forum for the promotion and exhibition of Latin American cinema. This annual festival promotes dialogue between cultures and explores historical and social issues through the eyes of filmmakers.

Since 2003, VLAFF has continued to provide audiences with the unique opportunity of experiencing Latin American cinema in Vancouver.

El pescador (The Fisherman)

Mexico, 2011Spanish with English subtitles/ 11 min

Director: Samantha Pineda SierraOn the Day of the Dead, Leni, an old fisherman, uses photographs to bait his best and most beloved memories from the depths of the sea.

Cuando sea grande (When I Grow Up)

Guatemala/France, 2011Spanish with English subtitles/ 13 min

Director: Jayro Bustamante

Cecilia and Alicia are two young girls growing up in Guatemala. They play together, sharing dolls and secrets. Cecilia’s world is turned upside down when she discovers that Alicia has been paid to keep her company, and that now she is going off to the city to earn more money as a maid.

Kyakä la na (Red Wool)

Colombia/Guatemala/Mexico/USA, 2012Spanish with English subtitles/ 12 minDirector:Adriana Cepeda EspinosaAn adolescent girl is torn between her grandmother’s pressure to rediscover her Mayan roots and the life she believes her recently deceased mother wanted for her in New York. Her decision could tear her family apart.

La siesta (The Nap)

Cuba, 2011 Spanish with English subtitles/ 11 min

Director: Kate HartnollRaimundo, an old man living alone in an over-crowded Havana apartment block, is only too happy to look after his neighbour's baby for the afternoon. But as time passes and the mother does not return, an unexpected visit forces him to reconsider his position and threatens to destabilize his world.

Nubes (Clouds)

Argentina, 2011 Spanish with English subtitles/ 13 min

Director:Manuel AbramovichAt a family party, 16-year-old Ivan has an uncomfortable encounter with his uncle that no one says anything about.

Salón Royale (Salon Royale)

Argentina, 2011 Spanish with English subtitles/ 14 min

Director:Sabrina CamposAna is going to a wedding party with two friends and hopes to meet someone. However, her expectations change when one of her friends reveals that her ex-boyfriend might be coming too.

Simulacro (Simulacrum)

Argentina, 2012 Spanish with English subtitles/ 14 min

Director: Nicolás TorchinskyWhile rehearsing for a concert orchestra, eight musicians move around the city in a mysterious choreographed movement. Like a clockwork mechanism, they organize themselves to perpetrate a robbery.

Sin frenos (Without Brakes)

Mexico, 201 1No dialogue/ 7 min

Director:Pancho OrtegaJuan Carlos and Juan Manuel, rivals in love, arrange a battle on bicycles to achieve their goal: Paola’s love.

Lucy vs. los límites de la voz

(Lucy vs. the Limits of Voice)

Mexico, 2012 Spanish with English subtitles / 10 min

Director: Mónica Herrera. Lucy, a seven-year-old girl, is curious to know if the voice of a person can expire and if so, could that be the reason why her grandfather does not speak. To find the answer, she decides to undertake a risky experiment, defying the strict rules of Aunt Rosa.Que viva el agua(Long Live the Water)Argentina, 2012Spanish with English subtitles / 15 minDirector: Cecilia KangAna is a school teacher who tries to go on with her life after finding out she has a terminal disease. Everyday situations end up overwhelming her and leading her to break the rules in the most unexpected moment.

Pude ver un puma(Could See a Puma)

Argentina, 2012

Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Teddy Williams. An accident sets forth a group of young boys on a journey from the high roofs of their neighbourhood, through an apocalyptic landscape, to deep into the earth.