Branden Cairns (aka Phonik Ops) is an artist of many forms.  Starting out as a beatmaker/DJ, he has built an unshakable foundation in production and turntablism.  Whether it's classic sounding beats catered towards MC's, or his own chilled-out instrumental hip-hop tracks, Phonik Ops is continuously developing his own distinct sound with his steady use of rare samples, drum breaks, and stylish scratching.

After creating artwork for some early music projects, Phonik Ops discovered a new world of creativity in art and began developing his name as a graphic artist.  Composed from a unique blend of photography and graphic design, his artwork has its own surrealistic look and feel and has been captivating minds everywhere it's displayed.  With his musical alias carrying over into the art world, his work can often be identified by the simple signature "Ops".

Connect with him online!

Instagram: @b_cairrrns

Twitter: @phonikops