Biography of the Director

Lilian Sepulveda is a young passionate filmmaker, born in Mexico City. She spent most of her childhood watching films and creating short stories for her family. By the age of 19 she decided to move to Canada to study at Vancouver Film School where she developed her interest in animation. After completing VfS, Lilian pursue her interest in film at Simon Fraser University; giving her the opportunity to further develop her storytelling skills. At the moment she is currently working at Ribbit Ribbit Studios and continuing with her degree in Film Production. 

Look up

A guy lived within the constraints of a self-created safety bubble, although this time his bubble has popped.

This is a fictional film about a guy trapped in a monotonous lifestyle, where everything is black and white, and slow passed. He doesn’t realize that he can look beyond the constraints of his world. Until he decides to look outside into the world, where he discovers the beauty in nature and life.