Kyle Ellis was born in Hamilton Ontario, spent a vast majority of his youth in Apsley Ontario, and moved to Vancouver B.C. 4 years ago to conquer solar hot water systems. Though a plumber by trade, Kyle constantly gets an itch to design,create and build custom furnishings and art from recycled materials. And the only way to scratch his itch is to put the blinders on and construct. Within his designs there are subtle hints of industrious Hamilton, rustic elements of cottage country Apsley and features of a modern, youthful Vancouver vibe.

You can experience Kyle's 3-D imagination and constructiveness at Lab Art Show 2 as he has built and designed the 2 bars and separation wall without seeing the venue. Using everything from recycled pallets to reclaimed ceiling tiles that once graced the old Woolworth building in Gastown, Kyle's creations are sure to exemplify his vary of inspirations.

Though he enjoys the life and luxury of being a plumber, Kyle's dream is to do what he loves: design, create and construct amazing,beautiful, custom pieces repurposed from the landfill and alleyways.

" Think about the amount of discarded wooden furniture you see in the alleys of Vancouver, or any city for that matter. I swear there is more wood in an alley on garbage day than there are trees in a city". Seeing such cast-off as inspiration rather than excess, Kyle unfurls his passion and creativity into his design and construction. Breathing life back into the wood that once provided it.