Izela Christanel Lim is a first-year Emily Carr University student who is often fascinated by human behavior, and inspired by the societal conventions and implications of the mundane. 

As someone who feels like an tot in everything except the idea of experimentation, Izela dreads being asked to define her artistry with a medium and particular movement. At this time, she is exposing herself to several artistic and design fields to see where she is being “called”. She is currently taking courses in design, digital imaging, and relief printmaking, and enjoys working in sculpture, installations, and bricolage.

Since returning from a school humanitarian trip to Botswana that assisted and funded the building of an HIV/AIDS outreach center, Izela has discovered that she would like her career to ultimately help the bettering of social conditions. At this time, she feels that she is being pointed towards an education in Interaction Design.