Carylann is an emerging Vancouver painter, designer and visual artist. Her painted images once familiar and evocative of Victorian early 1900s portraiture: pinned by an undercurrent of baroque noir impressionism.

Carylann’s roots came through Graphic Design, her ground-breaking work in the music milieu (12 years with the influential Nettwerk Records). Her distinctly feminine sensibilities to the visual vocabulary of industrial, steam punk, and ambient music has made her a sought-after and iconic designer. She has been twice nominated for Best Album Cover in the Juno Awards (for Delerium), Another nomination for Best Album Cover with the Westcoast Music Awards for The Hermit “Wonderment” album cover. She also won first and second place for Design Award: for Delerium from the influential Morpheus Music site. Carylann studied at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. During the twelve years she worked in the Art Department of Nettwerk Records she added video and motion graphics to her inventory of art practices.

Her new work apply named: GRIMMAGE is a Grimm’s Fairy Tale variation of “Grimage” or “Grim Image”: Her debut Show in Montreal: April 05 2012 to May 30 was her first solo exhibit on the eastcoast.

CURRENT MEDIUM + TECHNIqUE Painting: oil on canvas + board. and found objects.

Portraits, abstracts + figurative work. Exploring & combining technique with subject matter. Inspired by the old masters; using layering methods as she has developed in her design work, incorporating glazing, layering, sanding, and scratching in order to blend and soften the appearance: bringing out small details. Some of her portraits tend to be quite small, which gives them a unique intimacy. Taking up to one year to complete each piece. Her work has been described as: Marie Antoinette meets Francis Bacon, as well as Tim Burtton-esque, both comparisons are accurate more can be seen on her web page