Anita Bhatia is a young and emerging artist born in Port Alberni, BC who currently resides in Vancouver BC. Since a young age, Anita has had a immense love for art. This love and passion for art is unwavering, and is still very highly present within her today. Recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a concentration in Drawing, Anita is hoping to further her art education by studying Animation; something she wants a career in one day. Although drawing is her favourite medium, it doesn't stop there; Anita enjoys all forms of art possible, and loves to experiment with different and new mediums. Drawing is a medium in itself that allows Anita to explore others, for it usually is the base for every other visual art form. 
Some of the recurring themes and images within Anita's drawings and paintings are; the human anatomy (especially organs such as the heart and brain), her family and loved ones, loneliness, and exterior/interior spaces. When she is not drawing or painting, she is creating illustrations from her favourite books or creating cartoons based off of real life, and amusing experiences. 2D art is something that Anita is extremely passionate about and therefore tries to practice it every day to further her artistic ability. 
Online portfolio: