Ania Milewska is of Polish decent, born in South Africa and raised in Sydney Australia. She moved to Canada in 2009 to embark on a new venture following her devotion to travel and the outdoors. Falling in love with British Columbia, Ania has since made her roots in Vancouver where she has continued to pursue her career as a Freelance Graphic Designer. Ania is naturally gifted with a creative and artistic nature, drawing art regularly from a young age. In 2010, she stayed true to the artist within and completed a continuing studies course at Emily Carr University, which consequently turned her interest more prominently to portrait painting.

She is unique within her portrait art, fusing her adoration of vector graphics with ink painting. Working now currently as a freelance artist also, she produces a number of portraits in this method incorporating the simplified shapes of vector graphics and the organic nature of ink. Ania’s art draws deep for her, from personal inspirations and influences within her life, as she continues to explore new avenues and experimentation's of this nature.