One of my dreams has always been to become a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci creating fantastic concepts and surreal inventions. Although I am not Da Vinci, I try to engage the viewer’s imagination through my artwork.

The source of imagination comes from personal experiences. It is as if the artwork turns into a portrait about my personal thoughts and observations. A friend of mine once told me that one can derive different worlds from every single concept or aspect in life. My technique is to create a world from my imagination and turn it into reality for others to experience.

Each project depends on its representation and its mediums. In terms of design, I like to create something that is meaningful such as music. Using wood I turn the meaningful into a music toy. In terms of illustration, I use pens, markers and colorful crayons to elaborate a story based on personal thoughts and visions of fantasy.

Right now I have been focusing on exciting concepts of fantasy and science fiction. I am certain fun and excitement makes the world a much better and interesting place to live in. This is what drives me to continue forward on this particular notion of art and design.