Diego Hernández De la Rocha, Think Brilliance


An idea who wants to be brilliant, but..


Production Notes 

"Rig troubles"

As for almost every CG production involving characters means there's a need for rigs to be built for the characters to be able to move. In this case I took 2 months of production to build the rig for Mr. Lightbulb, and during the small tests I did, everything seemed to work fine, though at the time that I started animating, the rig became too heavy and provoked the software to crash very often, making it unusable, after about a week of re-testing and thinking, I decided to go in a dark route that could work, but still thought very risky, it was to model every frame separately and change the base model for every frame (just like it would be in a stop-motion environment). At the end it turned out to be an advantage for my workflow because now the character could do whatever motion I wanted, thanks to this problem I found a better workflow.

Director Statement 

Think Brilliance is born from the thought of how ideas that are meant to be brilliant can also loose it; yet their intentions should still be important to be considered.

"Think Brilliance"

Totes-Sick-Animation / Elias Stern (February 08, 2012)

Think Brilliance, Diego De la Rocha’s final animation project for Vancouver Film School, has been making the rounds online. And for good reason: his unique character animation utilizes a huge amount of stretch and skew to give his character a vivaciousness not usually seen in 3D animation.

Diego Hernández De la Rocha: Animator, Co-Writer, Director, Story, Voice

Diego Hernández De la Rocha, was born in México, in 1991, where he lived and studied until junior high-school, then moved to Japan for a year to study Japanese language; Came back to finish high-school in México again where he played on the regional ice-hockey team as a goaltender. After graduating from high-school he took a sabbatical semester to travel around Asia and learn about life, before going back to school at Vancouver Film School to study in the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program, focusing in Animation, where he made as his graduation project the short-film ''Think Brilliance''. Now he lives in beautiful Vancouver looking for his next gig in life.