Peter has been working in the video game industry for nearly a decade between California and Vancouver, taking on a range of roles from 3D modelling up to production design. But at his heart, he is an illustrator and storyteller.

Born and raised in Kenya, his influences from Africa lend many of his paintings a warm vibrant palette, a lot of texture, and a lot of red. On the one hand Peter's art exhibits various styles and is surprisingly unpredictable, but on the other hand, one is often somehow able to recognize a piece of his from a line-up with little difficulty.

Peter works mostly in the digital space, after having worked with several mediums, from sculpey and clay to acrylic, pastels, and even food. His work was recently shown at Vancouver's first Slideluck Potshow earlier this year, and at MAfrique in 2011, an exhibit in Milan showcasing design, architecture and art by contemporary African artists.

Peter also writes short fiction in his spare time and is always looking for new creative outlets and fusions.