No Mothers is a Vancouver-based folk duo, recent brainchild of brothers John and Tony Kastelic.  Both graduates of UBC music, the boys have since gone on to conquer a wider range of musical interest, playing in large concert efforts such as the Plastic Acid Orchestra, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Kamloops Symphony Orchestra to name a few. 

John is a regular member of indie art rock/metal group The Living, and his Black Dog String Trio/Quartet has concerted throughout the lower mainland along such groups as the worldly Tambura Rasa.  Tony is a frequent collaborator with contemporary string quartet Four on the Floor, as well as a founding member of the Escucha Trio, and his solo act Skeletonia has shaken many a bone in his local neighborhood.  The brothers' band No Mothers is primarily a folk duo, an artistic offspring of the fabled Red House in Kitsilano, in which they have concerted together at many a salon or talent show and house concert.  It's music that is sure to command one's eyes, ears, feet, and bones!