Daniyah, aka Miss Angel of Boy Meets Girl, grew up in Vancouver, BC after moving to Canada from Saudi Arabia when she was 5. Growing up watching Pop Up Video and listening to Much Dance mixes and Essential Selection hosted by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1, she longed to listen to more electronic music but she was too sheltered to know where and how to find them. Fast forward to 2006 when her first visit to an after-hours club changed her entire view of the electronic music scene in Vancouver. The next few years were spent making her way through bars and clubs, rubbing shoulders with the right people, and eventually becoming a familiar face at Hollywood Fridays at Lotus, Believe at Red Room and, of course, Vancouvers top after-hours: Gorg-O-Mish. 

It was fairly common to see her standing in the DJ booth watching her favourite DJ's work their magic on the equipment and being in awe at their talent. Already learning the ropes of a promoter, it was only natural for her to try her hand at DJ'ing. With the encouragement and support of some her favourite DJ's like the Legendary Jay Tripwire, PlayBoy Playmate DJ Rhiannon, and locals like Sage, Sheps, and TJ Hooker, an attempt that started out as clumsy and awkward soon became her own form of art as she found a knack at letting music express her feelings and allowing her stories to come forth from the tracks that she played. Through sheer pride and discipline, she carefully honed her style to best suit her personality: a mix of contradicting characteristics that always kept everyone on their toes. After meeting Mr. Cox of Boy Meets Girl, and with her experience in Marketing, Miss Angel got to work on developing the Boy Meets Girl name into a brand. Taking inspiration from the Boy Meets Girl parties hosted by TIGHT Entertainment, the Boy Meets Girl name became a rapid success amongst their peers and friends.

Currently residing as a DJ with LuvnGrace Entertainment, owned by legendary promoter Vernard Goud, co-hosting Open Dex at Anza club and working on projects with other local artists, including members of Blackberry Wood and international superstar Tonye Aganaba, Miss Angel is no slacker as she gears up for bigger and better ways to express her style and spread the Boy Meets Girl brand. Known for playing long sets with her heart and soul poured into every mix, Miss Angel takes you on a journey of her experience; From the pain of heartbreak in her Affected mix to the blinding epiphany of her Evolution mix, it's no secret that Miss Angel knows how to weave in and out of reality with her carefully chosen tracks. Stay tooned for this seemingly quiet yet quirky girl coming to a dance floor near you!

Mr. Cox

From an avid guitar player and song-writer, to adventuring into Brazilian percussion, Samba and Capoeira, to his passion for house music and deejaying, Charles Cox has kept music and performance close to his heart. “I love what you can do as a deejay,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to be a conductor, and with today’s music and technology, as a deejay I can be.”

Charles’ entrance into the world of house music took awhile in coming and happened quite accidentally. “I first began producing hip-hop and R&B,” he states: “I liked what was happening musically with computers as technology took off in the early 90’s.” Staying up to date with the pulse of music, Charles dug into the history and music of hip-hop, preferring its syncopated beats to the marching sounds of regular rock music. Later, he would set down his guitar and take up percussion, learning Samba and other Brazilian musical forms.

But it wasn’t until a decade later that Charles would really discover house music. A chance meeting with a few local deejays and subsequent nights out opened up to Charles a new world of music. Being introduced to house by veterans of the genre helped Charles quickly grasp a musical footing, into what was once for him a vague, late-night, hazy musical affair. As a performer and musician, Charles loved that the deejay has full musical capacities at their fingertips and can orchestrate a night deeper and richer in sound than a live band. It wasn’t long before Charles stepped behind the decks and discovered what he calls, “The best musical instrument there is” – the deejay’s turntables.

Since that day, Charles has not stopped playing, practicing, and promoting and arranging parties based around house music. From ongoing nights in town, to exclusive house parties, Charles Cox took the decks and didn’t look back. From grinding electro and stirring progressive, to deep and dirty minimal and techno, Charles Cox’s music never fails to grab you and make you groove. Currently, he is one of the hosts of Vancouver’s longest running house music nights, Open Dex at the ANZA Club in Vancouver. “As a relative newcomer to the scene,” he says, “I’m deeply honoured to have been recognized for my talent and hard work and be given this opportunity to host.” Indeed, spinning and working with some of Vancouver’s finest deejays has quickly brought Charles up to where his regular performances are fresh, lyrical and moving, rich in texture and with a deep sense of house culture.

It took some time coming, but Charles Cox has found his musical home in house. When asked what’s his motto as a deejay: “Keep it fresh, keep it heartfelt, and always, always, keep it underground.”