When I was a child around the age of 10 to 12. I have seen people dance to psychadellic trance or electronic music which it is also known as. the first dance i have seen was known as liquid dancing this is where your body is fluent moving it almost like liquid starting off with your hands and letting one hand lead the other one. i started practicing this dance when i first went to Victoria park down in Regina Saskatchewan  hanging around with kids who went to electronic parties also known as a rave. from then i have taught my self another style from the age of 13 to 14  known as the energy ball this dance is similar to liquid dancing but this one is taken as  a sport at a  ''rave'' pretending to catch a  ball and tossing it back. from the ages 14 to 16 i started to try new style of dancing more towards harder electronic music called hard style this music has a harder base line with beats up to 160bpm bpm means beats per minute. the dance for this style of music is known as Melbourne shuffle the dance originated from Melbourne Australia. you put your foot down on each base line in the song meaning each beat per minute you have to have moved 160 beats in that minute. you put your foot down and you slide. from 16 to 17 i tried to do a dance called jump style this is for hard style but the base line is more violent and heavy. each time the base goes you must jump in the air and stomp your feet. since 17 to 20 i have learnt a lot more psychadllic electronic dances. these dances are not just a style or to show who can dance nor does it show a way one can dance this dance is mainly to show the music that is played  flows through you like  an art picture a beat that plays on. in your heart feeling the hard work the Dj puts into his music and you release the vibes you feel with the music this dance does not need any thing else  only to feel the music and to dance respectfully. when these electronic dancers are together we don't battle to see who's better we battle to show each other's style to show what is different from are style. we pick up what the other person knows and possibly try to add it into are own like puzzle pieces  i have been dancing and almost quit. when my foster dad passed away his encouraging  words that he has  gave me to move on with the dancing made me want to continue after. i dance for him now and i dance for my self. showing people these styles are out there and you do not need a painting to show art you can feel the art through the music and movements no matter the sounds