Jake Warren was born in Bellingham, WA to an American mother and a Canadian father - granting Jake a unique opportunity to live and work within either country. Shortly after the September 11 attacks Jake's father was activated to work in the Pentagon, and the whole family moved to Alexandria, VA. It was during these years Jake discovered a passion for music, photography, and a bit of film. He learned to play the trumpet and guitar, create lightsabers in photoshop, and began experimenting with video cameras creating stop motion films with army soldiers and model airplanes. 

     Returning to Bellingham, WA Jake started a band with his high school friends. They would perform around Bellingham and always put on the loudest show at the annual High School Talent Show. After High School, Jake enrolled at the local community college where he was formally introduced to the world of filmmaking through several film courses. Jake moved to Vancouver, BC to attend film school where he had some amazing mentors and classmates who all enriched his filmmaking skills. His final project film, which he assistant directed and co-produced, was shown in the short film corner of the 2012 Festival de Cannes. 

     Jake has gone on to a variety of work in media on indie films, corporate videos, music videos, short documentaries, and photography. His roles have ranged from production assistant to director and cinematographer to assistant prop-master.

     Jake is currently developing more original productions and expanding his photography portfolio, while keeping busy on sets in Vancouver.