Born in Yellowknife, NT, I began work as a street artist, attempting to understand the connection between natural, urban and hyper-real virtual space.

While the work itself is often ambivalent, I am looking to discuss and question contemporary ideas on space and ownership of any environment.

Sometimes my work derives from a formal place, focusing on mark, line, color, movement and form.

My recent paintings are about living in Vancouver. I show the vividness and constraining nature of so many different forces fighting for space.

They are meditative studies of entropy in urban space materializing through formal color and line. My work is fighting in tight overworked spaces, tense and vibrating. Mountain-scapes bleed through plastic fields defining  movement and shape. Colors of childhood and manufactured madness create an ambigious, nostalgic vision, dreaming of exploding and become everything and nothing in a moment.


Interview from solo show, VEAG: