Derek Anderson was born in Alberta, Canada. He spent his youth tinkering with Flash and coming up with story ideas. In 2009 he took graphic design in University, but ultimately decided that his love for cartoons was too strong to ignore.

He decided to enroll in the classical animation program at the Vancouver Film School, and soon realized it was where he belonged. He created two films during the final months of the program and is now eager to create bigger and better projects.


An alien slave is forced into a dark mysterious cave.

Superluminal could be described as a dark, weird, and humorous tale. It contains many hidden elements that an observant viewer may notice. It has always been fun for me to try and confuse people while still providing decent entertainment. If anything, I think my goal is to simply put my own fascinations on screen. I like to balance the bizarre with the mundane, and the humor with the terror. I voiced the main character and the robot is voiced by Alex King.

This film was not originally my final film idea. I had initially created an elaborate story about two soldiers surviving in a desert warzone. The subject matter was much more mature and a bit more complicated. In the end I decided to showcase something much more light-hearted and goofy. I do plan on making the Soldier film one day and I also plan on making a prequel to Superluminal.

Mutation Station Situation

An alien scientist performs genetic experiments to aid in an invasion plan.

Mutation Station Situation is a short Flash film created in the last few weeks of my time at the Vancouver Film School. In addition to animating, I have also provided the voices for The Scientist and the monster. The animation was fun, especially some of the more gory moments. I was quite satisfied with how the old style, black and white vibe came across.