Marie Green is a 36 year old artist with a lifelong passion for art, specifically painting. She began her artistic journey taking private art lessons as a child and continued to explore different art forms including dance and acting through her teenage years while keeping drawing and painting as a constant practice.  Wanting to develop a small art business, Arlana started her own greeting card company at the age of 20, selling hand painted cards in various stores in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia Canada.

Arlana then decided to pursue her art education further and enrolled in a summer intensive course at Emily Carr College of Art and Design and upon completion, submitted to Emily Carr and was accepted into their program.

Upon completion, Arlana decided to step away from a career in art, to work in film and TV as a working actress and in production, simultaneously training as a sprinter with some of the nation’s top track and field athletes, Arlana jumped back into painting, with a new series of jazz inspired paintings, the feature of Arlana’s first solo show at the Centre of Performing Arts in Vancouver. Her first show was successful in sales and attendance, as covered by local Vancouver media. She has participated in many live painting events around the city winning competitions and raising money for various charities and non profit organizations. Arlana has been doing private sales, and in addition, renting her artwork to Film and Television projects. With her work in various stores, restaurants, offices and private residences in the greater Vancouver Area, Arlana has also started developing a product line using a few select images from her body of work.

Arlana loves to explore different themes and subjects, recently commencing a new series of work. Arlana’s current catalogue covers a fairly broad range of styles as she continues her exploration of various themes and subjects.

As well as practicing her love of painting Arlana is also a Feminist activist working towards women’s equality and the eradication of all forms of violence against women and works for a Feminist run Rape Crisis Centre in Vancouver.