One For ME

A scorned lover gets her revenge in this tale of love and payback. Kitty is a beautiful cabaret dancer with a broken heart, and she puts on quite a show of getting her revenge against Chester, her former beau.


A lot of my friends have had similar relationship experiences to my main character. I think that's the fantasy of every lover who's ever had their heart broken: getting people's attention and praise while you secretly exact revenge on your former love.

Mid Life Crisis

An old crow, tired and run-down after a long day's work, lets the feathers fly in an energetic dance performance. He gives the performance of a lifetime, as if he hasn't got a care in the world.

Inspiration: I really liked the concept of Fatboy Slim's music video for Weapon of Choice with Christopher Walken doing his famous dance routine in a hotel lobby. I also drew inspiration from the looks you get from old people in the street who have completely lost their enthusiasm for life, and some mid-aged people who haven't quite accepted how their life has gone so far.