Vanessa Krystin Wong is a visual arts student at Simon Fraser University who explores materiality through the use of the real and ephemeral qualities. With hauntingly pleasing aesthetics, her explorations intend to investigate the dialogue between the physical and the emotional affects projected onto an audience.


And I am the metal in between, 2011, 17 ft x 6 ft, plaster, string tissue paper.

And I am the metal in between, 2011, 17 ft x 6 ft, plaster, string tissue paper.

Through the explorations of materiality, Two Faces Of The Same Coin. And I Am The Metal In Between creates a dichotomy, creating a tension within the division of the spatial area. This tension coincides with the title, encouraging a narrative at play when viewing the piece. The ethereal qualities of this piece allow an affect of beauty through its impermanence while its fragile state creates an unexplainable sense of awe, creating an experiential conversation between the piece and it’s viewers.

I will lead you. To a field where it´s buried, somewhere underground, 2012, metal chains, paint, paper towel, ova glue, tissue paper.

Through the exploration of materiality, a relationship is made between the contrasting qualities of the tissue paper and the paper towel. The ethereal characteristics of the piece, in juxtaposition with the hauntingly dark colour, invoke a sense of weight and affects of deterioration that go towards the thoughts of a dystopia. Where utopias are found, through stories in literature and movies, it is often a facade for an actual dystopic society of control and repression. The deterioration and tension act as the breaking down of society when freedom is taken away, because with freedom, there can never really be an utopia.