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Miguel Guerrero Becerra was born on September 17 1986 in a small town of Puebla, Mexico. He went to university where he got his degree for Mass Media Communication. Soon after graduating from college he worked for more than a year in a Mexican TV station called “Expand”. With the desire of increasing his skills as a filmmaker he moved to Canada to study at Vancouver Film School.

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Guerrero Becerra

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In a world where a nuclear war has devastated humanity and transformed people into violent monsters, a family struggles to survive by remaining captive in their own house. However the phrase “Home sweet Home” will never be the same when their only son gets bitten by one of these creatures.  

Director’s Vision Statement


ndangered Species”

is a story about family

, and the inevitable circumstances that can transform a moment of joy and happiness into an instant of doom and terror. The story is unique because it transports the audience into an apocalyptic past.

They live in an alternative reality where a nuclear conflict shatters the entire planet in the 1950’s. The major consequence of this war is a strange disease that has mutated from the radioactivity of the weapons and the contamination of the planet. 

People transform into horrible and violent creatures when they get polluted by this sickness, and since the most distinctive characteristic of these monsters is bleeding from the eyes, survivors have called them “the red eyes. It is a new twist to the zombie and monster genre, especially because it brings down the storyline of horror and science fiction films into a universal human concept: the love for family. Although there is an environment of chaos in the outside, the story revolves around the struggle of the characters within their own home. Zombie movies and end of the world films like George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Crazies”, and Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later” have help establish the vision for the visual design of the creatures. Also, films like “Children of Men”, “The Road”, and even videogames like “Fallout” have inspired the mood and setting of the story.