My artistic methods have progressed from traditionally focused painting, drawing and collage, to the utilization of digital imagery and Photoshop.

The digital medium has allowed me to develop a unique, pop-up book aesthetic that resembles, yet breaks with, traditional practices for making art.

I aim to develop a practice that honours nature while celebrating technology, an important concern in an age when humans are struggling to find a balance with the planet that sustains us.

My process is one of searching the Internet for images from which I borrow pixels of color, manipulating the pixels in a painterly fashion using Photoshop to generate a library of elements (e.g., trees, flowers, rocks, water, clouds), and then assembling them in a collage-like manner.

I currently work within two core traditions in contemporary art, Landscape and Still Life.

Through my art, I have found a way to showcase Nature's all-encompassing beauty while at the same time expressing my genuine concern for its preservation and safety.