Born and raised in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Jacob Hiltz decided to follow his passion of filmmaking into a career after taking a Film Production class during high school.  He graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 2009 with a BA in Mulitmedia and a Certificate in Film and Video Productions.  During his studies at UNB, he directed The Amazing Adventures of Captain Awesome (2007), which was entered into Fredericton, New Brunswick’s Silverwave Film Festival and nominated for Best Short Comedy. Hiltz went to the Vancouver Film School in October of 2010, where he wrote and directed The Smoking Diet (2011) and The Young Attendees (2011).

Since graduating in the fall of 2011, Hiltz has been working on many productions in the Vancouver area, including writing and directing The Power Bowl (2012) for the Reiss Profile Canada Corp.



Five different people have come to Bob Young’s house for a dinner party.  As one of the guests begin to tell the story of their latest pitfall in life, everyone begins to fight, interrupt each other, and let their problems and disorders take over.  Bob must attempt to calm them as things spiral out of control.