Visual artist / Animation and effects specialize in clasical Animation/2D


Native from the city of Veracruz, Mexico. Has done her Professional studies in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. Obtaining the title of Bachelor in Graphic Design specialty Multimedia, at Anahuac University. Persued her goal of studing Animation and grow in the Motion Graphic Industry.

Recently concluded the Classical Animation Program at the Technology Centre, Vancouver Film School, at Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

Actual Resident in Vancouver, is carrying out classical animation projects and collaborating as an indepent illustrator and animator in a Rescue Project of the education in Mexico and social issues.

Published two short films, in 2012, “IMAGO” Traditional Handrawn and “Mi Fandanguito”, Digital Animation, made during the Classical Animation Program, with a production line of five months.

Her goal is to work in the industry of animation and film production, and as personal project complete a series of short films about myths and legends of Mexico.




Short Film made in Traditional Handrawn Animation.          

Animated short film that evokes the beauty and power of the light itself, as a means for the apprehension of the image. Explains the link between the vision of an alchemist and the power of the particle, which creates an aesthetic judgment of a body.

Encased in a small, dark space, through the help of a tiny hole. Wanting to capture the soul in its vision and natural.



Started as a project based on my professional life experience, experimenting and working with the pinhole photography, as an assistant in a Professional Film Print Studio. Facinated on the subject, I wanted to explain this beautiful and laborious process to capture the beauty of an image, of how you can do it in your living room, or even with a box or a can.

Competing with the age of technology, the process continues to be hidden but  occupying a place in the art society and never to be forgotten as one of the process that started the world of the photography and the invention of the camera.

The main objective was to represent a close dark room, with just a tiny light going inside, creating a world of shadows, as a result a magical atmosphere.