Megan Broadfoot, I am currently attending Emily Carr University of Art + Design. My artwork is rooted in the impact of memory and its reflection of the past .

In response I am interested in exploring the falsity of appearances, the weight of deception as well as its permanent effect.

Demons of a Darker Eye, mixed media. 2012

This piece is a response to appearance acting contrary to nature.As an ephemeral piece It can only exist when projected upon and assumes the image cast upon it. The use of synthetic materials to create an organic structure. Speaks to the nature of the object which at its root is contradictory.   

A self portrait, ceramics. 2012

 Memoir. Mixed media. 2012

This piece was a journey it took weeks two complete and manifested itself in multiple works of art. Whats left is a skeleton of the original. Which is appropriate considering the context. I took it upon my- self to create a self reflective work that was based in the creation of waste the product of fleeting thoughts and its connection to objects cemented in reality.


2010 "Off the Wall" Art Show at the McKinney Preforming Arts Center

2011  Gallery Showing at "Gallery 414" in Fort Worth

2011  Gallery Showing with the Texas Visual Art Association in Dallas

2011 "Light;Motion" Art Show at the McKinney Preforming Art Center

2012 “Foundation Exhibition” Emily Carr University Vancouver BC