"Delirant and decadent but with hope"

Ortiz de Landazuri phrase that defines Berzek easily. 

Raised in Argentina. He started traveling being 17 years old.

Interested in music first, then caught by poetry and finally by films and visual arts. Berzek multidisciplinary sense of work, has being alway a mix of all kind of art manifestations.

Two poetry works published (Disecciones habitacionales and Prótesis para mutilaciones del alma) were accompanied and followed by many performances in different venues and stages.

With studies in film and TV and a bachelor degree in Visual arts; traditional media such as acrylic, oil, watercolor and others have been incorporated with crafts and digital media in his learning and experimentation as an artist.

After been traveling for two years and a long break of any creative work. He has started a new chapter this time, last year when he started creating series of photos that has been arrange like songs in a music cd, creating the cover and the back cover of the "album" and classify them by "adrift" being TOMOE the 8th adrift.