Lamondace was established in 2009 as a contemporary training and performance company for aspiring professional dancers. Directed by Lara Barclay and Monica Proença, the 9-month program offers dancers the opportunity to immerse themselves in original choreography and learn the motivation behind a professional dance company.

The directors bring their unique international experience and passion together to guide students toward a career in dance.  As well as nurturing young Canadian talent, Lamondance also invites select Brazilian students to join the program to share their experience and knowledge in dance. This allows for a wonderful cultural exchange between Canadian and Brazilian dancers.

You welcome to watch this amazing production, that Lamondance create it.

Monica Proença

Monica was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  She began her dance training at an early age and went on to graduate from the San Francisco School of the Arts. 

 Monica has danced for several international companies such as Bale De Brasilia, Chicago’s Deeply Rooted Productions, Don Lavy Dance Company and Science Friction directed by Shannon Moreno and Farley Johansson.  Her experiences as a teacher have taken her abroad to places like Germany, Japan and Spain.  Monica’s choreography has won her numerous awards in Canada, France, and Australia and was presented at BallettAufTakt in Germany in 2006, among other festivals.  She looks forward to returning to Germany in 2011 with a newly commissioned work for Lamondance. 

Monica heads to Brazil annually as a guest teacher, dancer, choreographer and adjudicator for Brasilia’s acclaimed International Dance Seminar. She currently calls Vancouver home where she continues to teach, perform and co-direct Lamondance with her unique passion and Brazilian flair.

Davi Rodriguez

Born in Brasilia, Brazil, Davi began studying dance at the age of 13. He studied physical education at the Universida de Catolica de Brasilia - UCB, and then danced for six years

Davi studied ballet with the Ballet Theatre Guaira’s Principal dancer “Heloisa Almeida” with whom he began his studies in classical ballet. 

In Canada 2008, he studied ballet with Li Yaming and Dolores Kirkwood and contemporary dance with Lara Barclay and Monica Proenca.

At the age of 16, Davi began directing and choreographing for his own company, “Cia Criatividanca” in Brasilia, with which he won several awards throughout Brazil.