About the Artist and the Project.

In addition to his independent work as a photographer and graphic artist, Jason Neve is a graduate of Capilano University’s IDEA program, and the managing creative director for a Vancouver-based clothing company. Born in Stuttgart Germany, Jason spent his formative years in eastern Canada, and has called Vancouver home for 20 years.

Disposable Landscapes

Disposable Landscapes is a compilation of photography, graphic design, and street poetry collected and inspired by Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. It is a raw look into the doorways and alleyways of the city’s grittiest neighbourhood – a record of messages that have come and gone.

“The writing is on the wall”, but it is only in Vancouver – with one of the most concentrated areas of urban decay in the world – that messages, verse, art and prose are literally written on the wall; carved, burned, scratched, scrawled, flung.