Grace Smith was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and has lived in all of the Western provinces at some time or another. Her passion is people, editing, and creating stories. Through filmmaking, she has found she can enjoy all three. Grace currently lives in Saskatoon, SK, and plans on developing a feature in the near future.

Carlos Martinez Palacios

Born in March 1992 in Monterrey, Mexico, Carlos is an actor, singer and director whose perfectionist eye brings his ideas to life. Carlos has an extensive background in musical theatre and acting, and tries to incorporate it in his films. Bringing stories, lyrics and characters to life is his passion and is what drives him to be in the entertainment industry. His most recent work as a director includes 3 short films shot in Vancouver Film School- "Gone, "Seth" and "Away". In his future he hopes to continue singing and bringing ideas to life.

"Seth" and "Away"


Alecksy is a young man who suffers from a mental illness that keeps him from experiencing the world around him. As his parents agree to a trial medical procedure, Alecksy realizes his personal world is far better than reality. The decision is his-which does he choose?