Carolina González was born in the distant land of Tijuana, México, where she studied graphic design but decided that it was something that she didn´t want to do for the rest of her life.

Her love for cartoons and movies made her decide to study classical animation, something that she wanted to do as far as she remembers. After some seconds of thinking, she decided to apply at the Vancouver Film School (VFS) and with some help she parted to Canada. Now she is a proud graduate from this school and wants to apply all of her skills and knowledge in making inspiring cartoons, short films and movies.

Making of Atka

Atka is a project that was born during the first months of my stay in Canada. In the classical animation course they ask you to do a short film as one of your final projects so you have to develop a story that you really love because you are working on it for at least four months.

After a couple of weeks of throwing some ideas away I started drawing this character and but didn´t have a story for her. Then I started thinking about winter in Canada and that lead to the Northern Lights.

I´ve been always amazed by this natural phenomenon, by the colours and different shapes that are produced. This was something very inspiring to me so I used them to give more life to this short film.